Philips HD-7

Offers A Wide Variety Of Exams!

The Philips HD7 is an affordable system that offers everything much higher priced machines have and more. Keebomed Inc. has Philips ultrasound for sale at reasonable price. The Philips HD7 is beautifully design system to help you get high quality images in your exams. Proven reliable system architecture and software.

Offers array of transducers. Has impressive array of measurement and quantification capabilities (support a comprehensive range of applications from basic and routine to specialty needs). Philips ultrasound for sale now!

Features of Philips HD7

  • Advanced imaging, measurement and quantification technologies
  • Support many applications
  • Array of transducers (C5-2 Curved Linear, C8-4v Endo-vaginal, L12-3 Linear)
  • Simple image and Doppler optimization
  • Economy without compromise
  • 15” LCD Monitor (no-articulating arm)
  • Vascular/OB/GYN/General Imaging Package
  • Color Doppler, PW Doppler, M-Mode, Angio, DVD/CD Writer
  • Anatomic M-Mode, SonoCT, XRES, i-SCAN
  • DICOM Networking, Pulse Inversion, Surface 3D
  • iSCAN one button image optimization
  • True broadband digital imaging
  • Intelligent Doppler
  • Multiple transducer ports
  • Easy data recording to CD, DVD, and USB flash drive
  • Ergonomically adjustable monitor and control panel
  • An extensive collection of presets
Our ultrasound machines are well priced and in excellent condition – Philips ultrasound for sale now!

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