Landwind C40V

Get Quicker And Clearer Images With C40V!

Animal and human anatomy are two very different things and they require different diagnostic tools for accurate probe. It is really important to have specialized ultrasound equipment in your vet hospital, which facilitate higher resolution viewing of individual parts. Landwind C40V is a machine of that kind. It is good for probes ranging from 3MHz to 10MHz.

The Landwind C40V is a modified version of its predecessor C30. The newer edition offers superior image quality, it has a better processing system and higher density ultrasound transducers. The machines features combine together to give higher resolution images. With Landwind C40V, you can obtain quicker and clearer images in an easier manner. C40 is one of the best investments you can make for your small veterinary practices.

At KeeboMed Inc., we offer quality small animal ultrasound machine for sale.  We have used and refurbished Landwind C40V units available for sale at highly discounted rates. So, if you think that the system is going to suffice your need, call us and place an order right away.

Small animal ultrasound machine for sale now!

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