Compact Ultrasound With Amazing Battery!

Kaixin KX5500V is a compact ultrasound system which comes with an amazing battery-drive drive of four hours. The machine has powerful software for Cardio, pediatrics, Urology, OB, GYN applications etc. With this machine you can examine fetus growth curve, OB report, GYN report, OB report and Cardio report. The machine also has a disk management function along with 160 GB hard disk that stores cine loop and scan images.

If you happen to be one of those busy practitioners, there can be nothing more convenient, flexible and portable than Kaixin KX5500V. You can use Kaixin KX5500V for examining pregnancy and a variety of other ailments. Excellent choice for mare ultrasound machine.

If these features sound interesting to you, you may always contact KeeboMed Inc. for buying a used, affordably priced Kaixin KX5500V. Since we refurbish all of our products, you need not worry about its reliability. Also, we have a variety of financing options so the purchase won't become a burden on you.

Features of KX5500V 

  • 10.4 inch with high resolution color LCD
  • High brightness/contrast, wide visual
  • 5 languages - English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, and French
  • OB measurement packages - EDD and GA for equine, bovine, ovine, feline, canine, goat, llama, and swine
  • Automatically measure backfat and lean percentage of swine
  • Back-lit keyboard, trackball and encoder
  • 28 grades depth adjustment, max display depth - 245mm
  • Eight pseudo colors
  • 256 frames cine loop
  • 250GB internal hard disk
  • 100 frames permanent image storage
  • Two USB ports
  • DICOM3.0 network port
  • 2 probe sockets, automatic identification
Our ultrasound machines are well priced and in excellent condition. Mare ultrasound machine for sale now!

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