KX 5100V

Designed For Both Small And Large Animals!

Handheld KX5100 is one of the good and easy to use ultrasound machines for gynecological and obstetric examination. This is a smart and light weight machine that finds it best application in examining patients at home. The machine comes with the portability to be used anywhere at any point of time.

The used handheld KX5100 is designed in such a way that both small and large animals can be examined through it. You can use it on equine, bovine, cats and dogs. This ultrasound machine has high resolution LCD that offers high brightness and high contrast. Its scans are colored and very clear to ensure more accurate examinations. The machine's menu operates in Chinese and English languages for user convenience.

This vet equipment has been specifically designed for professional practicing in remote areas, where there is limited access to modern medical facilities. KX5100's compact model does wonders in cases of emergency, when animals need quick diagnosis followed by a treatment. The machine has 2 USB ports and standard 6.5 MHz rectal probe. Its lithium battery lasts up to two hours.  Following are some of the features of KX 5100V:

  • Good image quality-Due to Digital technology
  • Electronic Probes: convex/electronic linear/ micro-convex
  • Real-time and harmonic imaging
  • 6.4" high resolution non-interlaced SVGA display monitor

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