GE Logic Book XP

Amazing Image Quality!

GE Logic Book XP is a multipurpose portable ultrasound. Offers a variety of clinical applications. It is compact and portable, making it very easy to carry anywhere needed at anytime.

Specifications of GE Logic Book XP

  • High Resolution 10.4" color LCD Screen
  • PW Doppler with High PRF, PDI, ACE
  • Automatic Optimization
  • Real time Auto Doppler Calculations
  • Max of 5000 Cine Frames
  • 40 GB Hard Drive storage
  • External CD storage
  • Adaptive Color Enhancement
  • Patient Information Database
  • Image archive on the hard drive
  • Full M&A Calculation package with Auto Doppler calculations
  • Applications: Abdominal, Cardiac, Obstetrical, Gynecological, Muscoloskeltal, Vacular, Urological, Small parts and Superficial Pediatric and Neonatal Intraoperative
  • Transducer Types: Convex array, Micro convex array, Linear array, Phased array
  • Operating Modes: B-Mode, M-Mode, Color Flow Mode (CFM), Power Doppler Imaging (PDI), Pulse Wave Doppler (PWD), TriplexHarmonic, 3D (Option)

Collections: GE

Type: Unknown Type

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