Waterproof, Full Digital Veterinary Ultrasound Machine!

EMP-V9 is an upgraded version of V8. It is waterproof, full digital veterinary ultrasound machine which finds its excellent application in rectal probe of large animals and fish-dolphin with convex probe. It is a handheld veterinary ultrasound system with superb picture quality. Being waterproof, it is a good choice for an ultrasound for fist and dolphins.

It is light weight and can be easily carried offsite or to the point of care, whatever the requirement is. You will find that its model is easy to use and anyone, who has even a little knowledge of scanning, can operate it with ease. You don't need hours of training in order to master it. EMP- V9 comes with 4.0/5.0/6.5/7.5Mhz rectal linear probe. This is a black and white ultrasound machine with pseudo color options so that you ca see the pictures in different colors.

We believe that this machine is certainly worth your investment. You can make use of our various financing options for making your purchase easy. So what keeps you waiting, place your order now!

Standard Configuration

  •  7" LCD Monitor
  • Pseudo Colors 9
  • Rechargeable Built-in Battery
  • 365 Frames Bi-directional Cine-loop
  • Dimensions(mm): 250(W) x 100(L) x 185(H)
  • Abundant Software Packages
Excellent choice for an ultrasound for fish.

Collections: Emperor, Farm Animals, Used Equine Ultrasounds, Veterinary

Type: Unknown Type

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