A Nice Choice For Cattle Ultrasound!

The EMP-830Vet is a veterinary ultrasound system which is based on analog technologies and comes with amazing veterinary software packages such as Equine, Swine, Ovine, Obstetrics, Abdomen, Small parts, Cardiology for canine, Feline, Bovine etc. You can also upgrade its software as and when required.

The machine comes with two probe connectors for linear, convex, micro convex and rectal linear probe. EMP-830 Vet comes with a video printer and also has laser print parts to get hard copy of the scans. Makes a very nice choice for a cattle ultrasound.

If you feel that EMP-830 Vet is the kind of ultrasound machine you have been looking for, then shop for one from us, KeeboMed Inc. We have used, pre-owned, second hand ultrasound machines that can be bought at highly discounted rates. You can obtain a product price quote by calling on our helpline number. Also, we have a variety of financing options to make the purchase easy for you.

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