With Extensive Professional Veterinary Software Packages!

The EMP-2000 Vet is an advanced technology, full digital veterinary ultrasound system that comes with extensive professional veterinary software packages. The machine is good for scanning Abdomen, Small parts, Obstetrics, Cardiology for Ovine, canine, Bovine, Feline, Equine, Swine etc.

The portable ultrasound equipment EMP-2000 Vet provides good image quality. It has high frequency for micro-convex probe 5-8MHz, suitable for small animals. The machine has a rectal probe of 70mm, which makes it easy to be used on large animals. EMP-2000 Vet has an SVGA monitor which is flicker-free and has protection screen filter making the operations very easy. Its a really nice choice for a mare ultrasound scanner.

If EMP-2000 Vet sounds impressive to you, you can buy it from KeeboMed Inc. We specialize in selling good quality used, second, pre-owned ultrasound machines which we refurbish for resale. We have affordably priced them, just for you. In case your budget is too tight to buy EMP-2000 Vet, you can make use of our financing options.

Excellent Choice For Mare Ultrasound Scanner!

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