Chison ECO-3Vet

High-End B&W Chison ECO3Vet!

ECO-3Vet from Chison is an ultra compact ultrasound machine that offers harmonic imaging facility. This scanner has a built-in, re-chargeable lithium battery which makes it one of the best scanning machines to be taken off site. You will be amazed to see its hi-technology features like Chroma, Trapezoid imaging and compound image. ECO-3Vet comes with a water proof cover for keyboard so you don't have to worry about the machine handling when you are scanning.

If you like this machine, you can contact us, KeeboMed Inc. for buying a second hand, used, pre-owned machine which has been refurbished for sale. We have Chison ECO3Vet which was used as a demo model for just a few hours. KeeboMed Inc offers these good condition machines to you at highly discounted rates so you don't have to burn a hole in your pocket for clinical up gradation.

If case of any queries, we can be contacted at our helpline number.

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