Chison ECO-1Vet

Ultra Light Chison ECO1VET With Premium Design!

Chison ECO-1 Vet ultrasound machine is a reliable system that one must incorporate in his/her veterinary practice. This is an excellent choice for performing all types of scans. The machine is sure to make your work easy by facilitating ease of diagnosis.

The Chison ECO1 Vet ultrasound is a machine that serves a number of applications. It has a 12 inch screen and where it is can adapt to different viewing angles. The machine comes with a scanning depth of 240mm (max) which varies according to the probe used. It can support PC printer. Provides one key quick save.

Buy this excellent image quality Chison ECO1Vet ultrasound system now from KeeboMed Inc. at highly discounted rates. We have used and second hand machines which have been refurbished and tested for full functionality. You can buy Chison ECO1Vet ultrasound machine from us which are in good condition and have been merely used as demo models for just few hours.

For detailed information and deals, we can be contacted on our helpline number.

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