Factors to Consider Before Buying Used Ultrasound

Ultrasound machine is used for diagnosing disease with the help of ultra sound wave. It penetrates through different tissues in the human body. This diagnostic tool helps in producing images, but do not emit harmful radiations like x-ray and are thus safe to use.

Though these machines are very useful, they are also very expensive. There are many medical centers where doctors are not financially stable to buy new equipment. In such case they can go for used ultrasound equipment. These machines are not damaged or useless. They have been discarded by those owners who wanted to update themselves with the latest technology. There are also some items that have been seldom used.

If you are thinking of buying used ultrasound machine then buy it from a fully certified company. Following are some of the factors that you need to take care of:

  • See that the company meets all the specifications of OEM. An OEM certified company does proper inspection of all the parts and condition of the equipment before buying.
  • Before buying a used ultrasound equipment, check that the machine is clean and sterilized inside as well as outside. An unclean machine might carry germs that can be bad for the health of your patient.
  • The company should mention you about all the worn out, defective and revised parts. It is very important to be sure about the condition of the equipment before buying it.
  • The software used should be updated version. It helps in diagnosing the diseases accurately and minutely.
  • It should pass all the diagnostic tests on mechanical and electronic operations.
  • The equipment should come with a warranty.
  • The machine might stop working at some point, but availability of service staff can be very helpful. The company must provide service staff, which must be capable enough in servicing the machine.
  • See that the company from where you are buying the equipment meets up to your expectation. The machine should function in the same way as it was promised before buying.

Used ultrasound equipment can be very useful. You can save lot of money and simultaneously help diagnose your patient who cannot afford to go to big and expensive hospital. Buy used ultrasound equipment from online portals at affordable price.

Stolle Bozinovski
Stolle Bozinovski