Benefits of Portable Ultrasound Equipment

Today ultrasound has become an important equipment in the field of medicine. It is basically used to examine pregnancy to see the health of fetus as well as to diagnose diseases. Other than this, there are number of uses of ultrasound machine.

How Does Ultrasound Machine Work?

Ultrasound equipment has a component called transducer. When ultrasound examination is performed, transducer generates sound wave. During diagnosis, this wave moves through fluids and tissues in the body. When it hits the target which can be any organ, tissue or bone the wave bounces back and returns to the transducer.

When the sound wave bounces back after hitting the target it is received by probe which is a component connected to transducer. The probe returns the sound wave to transducer machine which is attached with a computer. Here all the waves are collected and the sound wave turns into visible image which can be interpreted by radiologist or technologist for making the diagnosis.
With remarkable advances in technology, nowadays portable ultrasound machines are also available in the market. These machines serve the same purpose such as diagnosing tumor, diabetes and abdomen related diseases etc.


The size of a portable ultrasound machine is same as that of a large size laptop. It has a screen and keyboard so that you can view and navigate the picture. It operates on batteries hence; you do not have to depend on any external source of energy.


Portable ultrasound machine can be very beneficial. Due to the portable size, it can be used easily. Doctors can carry it in rural area or in places where there is not much medical facility available. Portable ultrasound machine is capable of diagnosing problem as accurately as any regular ultrasound machine.

Time Frame

Portable ultrasound machine does not take much time to diagnose. It can instantly acquire and transmit data. It does take more than 10 minutes to perform ultrasound using portable ultrasound machine.


Use of portable ultrasound machine has helped in changing the work of medical field. While people living in urban area have enjoyed the benefits of development in the field of medicine, people in the rural area have remained deprived. Many times the condition of patients is so serious that they fail to travel for diagnosis. With the advent of portable ultrasound machine such problems can be solved.

Though ultrasound machine is very useful but it is very expensive. Hence, you can go for used portable ultrasound equipment. There are many online portals where you will find used portable ultrasound machine for sale. These are not broken or damaged machines. The companies selling them do on-site testing & refurbishing and provide warranty card as well before shipping.

Stolle Bozinovski
Stolle Bozinovski