Ultrasound imaging or sonography produces images of the inside of the body using high-frequency sound waves. These are real time images that show the structure and functioning of the organs. Depending on the goals of a particular test, the phenomena being invested and equipment available, the ultrasound image to be used can be of four different types- 2D, 3D, 4D and Doppler ultrasound.

The Doppler Effect is applied in sonography to provide imaging of blood vessels and flow within them. Reflected sound waves are used in a Doppler ultrasound to see how blood flows through a blood vessel. It helps doctors evaluate blood flow through major arteries and veins such as those of arms, legs and neck. It can show the blocked or reduced blood flow in the major arteries of the neck that could cause a stroke. It can also help in diagnosing deep vein thrombosis (blood clots in leg veins) which can cause pulmonary embolism (blocked blood flow to the lungs). Doppler ultrasound is also used to check the health of the fetus by looking at the blood flow in an unborn baby.

Process: During Doppler ultrasound, gel is applied on the targeted area of the body to allow the sound waves to pass through. A hand-held instrument, also known as transducer, is then passed lightly over the skin above the blood vessel. The instrument sends and receives sound waves that are amplified through a microphone. The movement of blood cells causes a change in pitch of the reflected sound waves which is known as the Doppler Effect. The information is processed by the computer to provide graphs or pictures representing the flow of blood.

The three basic types of Doppler ultrasound are:

Bedside” or Continuous Wave Doppler: Change in pitch of the sound waves is used to evaluate the blood flow through the area that may be blocked or narrowed. It provides a quick estimate of the extent of blood vessel damage or disease.

Duplex Doppler: Standard ultrasound methods are used to produce a picture of a blood vessel and the surrounding organs. The Doppler sounds are converted into a graph to get information about the speed and direction of blood flow through the blood vessel.

Color Doppler: The Doppler sounds are converted into colors that are overlaid on the image of the blood vessel and that represent the speed and direction of blood vessel through the vessel. Power Doppler is a special type of color Doppler which is used to get some hard and impossible images.

The use of Doppler machines is a boon to the medical science. Many used doppler ultrasound for sale are available. There are a number of online shops that deal in ultrasound instruments and also provide demo ultrasound scanners  for the ease of customers. They provide these devices at reasonable prices.

Ultrasound equipment need a huge amount for investment. Every practitioner wants to get the best value on their equipment that combines top performance with affordability. There is a huge industry that specializes in manufacturing medical equipment used by hospitals, clinics and private practices. Some suppliers of medical instruments also deal in pre-owned equipment that has been refurbished.

Using pre-owned ultrasound equipment offers some practical advantages. Some of them have been discussed below.

  • Price: The most obvious benefit of buying refurbished ultrasound instruments is the price. Simple market factors bring down the price on equipment when it tis used or not of the most recent model. Buying used or refurbished equipment can help in saving up to 70% from the operating costs. Used ultrasound machines can be purchased for much less than the new one and is ideal for a clinic that has been set in a low-income community and does not have enough funds.

  • Quality: Refurbishedultrasound instruments are thoroughly inspected. Old parts are reclaimed or completely changed. Companies manufacturing ultrasound equipment have entire departments that do refurbishing and repairs. The service contract and high quality technical support gives a repaired machine the same capacity and durability as a brand new machine. These instruments pass a rigorous quality control process that ensures the machine to run just as well as new equipment at a greatly reduced cost. The companies dealing in this field have to stick to the regulations and medical standards to make sure that they provide quality product to the buyer. 

  • Value: Because of the lower price and thorough repairs, used ultrasound instruments often offer a better value. To back their claims of high quality, these companies offer upgraded guarantee on the refurbished product. A warranty period of 90 days is generally provided on used ultrasound machines. This feature assures consumers for any normal repairs to be covered at the lowest price. 

Used ultrasound equipment  can be a welcome addition to any clinic whose finances do not allow for huge expenses. Such products of genuine quality and excellent working condition can be bought from online shopping portals that specialize in medical instruments. These stores also provide a wide variety of ultrasound machines at reasonable prices and the products are quality-approved.

An ultrasound scan, also known as a sonograph, uses high frequency sound waves to create an image of some part of inside of the body such as the stomach, liver, heart tendons, muscles joints and blood vessels. 

Ultrasound has different applications in the field of medical science. Let us take a look at some of these applications.

  • Heart Disease: For patients showing symptoms of illness, ultrasound can examine the heart and circulatory system and provide necessary information about their structure and function. It is used to check the heart and valve abnormalities and also helps in evaluating the efficiency of the heart in pumping blood to the rest of the body. This helps in the early detection of the heart diseases.

  • Gynecology: Ultrasound is used to detect a wide range of gynecological conditions. It is often used as a part of a standard pelvic exam to find out conditions like internal bleeding, pelvic inflammatory disease, abscesses and pelvic masses. Ultrasound is also helpful in addressing infertility issues and also to monitor and examine the reproductive system in the early stages of embryo development in the fertility process.

  • Pregnancy and Fetal Imaging: Using ultrasound, doctors can predict premature delivery by examining the size of the cervix. A complete fetal exam involves imaging the baby's head, heart, kidneys, spine and stomach etc. to check for any abnormalities. Fetal aging during breeding period to predict calving date can be more precise if fetal body parts are measured on the ultrasound screen. Ultrasound also helps in checking for the possibility of multiple births, unusual orientation, if the baby is positioned correctly and also for sex determination.

  • Abdominal and Therapeutic Applications: Abdominal ultrasound helps in examining the liver, gall bladder, adrenal glands, pancreas, kidneys and other parts of the stomach and intestines and helps in detecting diseases like appendicitis. The high-frequency sound waves are used to vibrate the body cells and are therefore used in pain relief, scar reduction and skin and muscle regeneration.

Buying an ultrasound machine through an online shopping store

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Main Content: Ultrasound machines are used by doctors to diagnose patients suffering from internal injuries or problems. These machines emit ultrasound waves that penetrate tissues of body and create an image on monitor. No harmful radiation is produced by the equipment; therefore it is safe for human or animal use.

Number of machines are used for a short period of time and replaced with more advanced newer models. These used machines work perfectly well and many companies sell their used ultrasound machines. Though these models might not be technologically advanced when compared to latest machines, but are more than sufficient for diagnosing different internal problems.

If an ultrasound machine has been damaged, equipment provider would buy it and remove the fault by proper servicing. Basic restoration like cleaning and maintenance work is done before the machine is made available for purchase to buyers. Mostly the damage caused to the machine is because of extensive mechanical work or during transport.

The used machines are bought usually by clinics, which do not have a high budget to buy an entirely new set of equipment. Mission doctors purchase used portable ultrasound machines to work at places where proper treatment facilities are not available.

Before purchasing used or refurbished ultrasound equipment, make sure that it is FDA approved for human use. Few other points to look in a used ultrasound machine are:

  • The defective or worn out part is replaced
  • Software is updated
  • Passes extended diagnostics tests on the electronics and mechanical operations
  • Carries a warranty time period
  • An experienced staff capable of servicing the machine
  • Works efficiently and meets you expectations

A refurbished ultrasound machine is a perfect option for you as it carries a low price tag compared to new machines. Technology is ever evolving; therefore making a huge investment in new machines is not advisable. If you are planning to buy used ultrasound machines for sale click here for quality products.

A portable ultrasound serves the same function as a simple static ultrasound instrument. It uses high frequency sound waves to create an image of parts inside the body. Also, it can help doctors determine the age of the fetus and look for internal problems like tumors and other abnormal growth.

Portable ultrasound instruments are about the size of a large laptop computer. They have a screen and a medical keyboard for viewing and navigating the picture. Most of the devices operate on batteries, so users do not need a source of power to use it.

These machines were first used by the gynecologists and obstetricians that led to the visible decrease in the infant mortality rate. Portable ultrasound machines are considered a must for doctors visiting backward areas where they have little or no medical facilities with them. The machine does not hinder mobility as it can be taken along with an ease and convenience. Other than gynecology, these instruments are also now used for the vascular, endocrinology, cardiac and even pediatric diseases.

Portable ultrasound instruments are used to cure the most common types of pain, like muscle pains and inflammation. It works by creating sound waves that pass through the skin and affects the targeted area, may it be muscle or a joint. The pain is released without the need for medication or surgery. These machines can also increase the efficacy of certain pain medications (phonophoresis) by way of using sound waves.

Immediate and advanced treatment can be given to patients who may have heart disease. This technology allows a doctor to look for abnormalities and other heart related problems. It is also used for early detection of prostate cancer and any other disease that may exist along with it, so that treatment may begin immediately.

Portable ultrasound machines acquire and transmit data almost instantaneously. Performing an ultrasound with this device takes no longer than 10 minutes. These devices allow simple effective ultrasound examinations performed at the point of care, in turn speeding up decision making by the clinician.

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Ultrasound uses sound waves to stimulate the tissues beneath the skin. These sound waves travel at an extremely high frequency between 800,000Hz and 2,000,000Hz which is undetectable by human ear. These waves cause physical stimulation of the molecules that enhances cell repair.
Ultrasound is used for numerous purposes in the field of medicine where abdominal ultrasound is most widely used.

Abdominal ultrasounds use a transducer probe with a wider footprint to produce images of large structures and areas of tissue. After gel is applied, the probe is used directly on the abdomen. It is preferred in any case because it is relatively safe and non-invasive.

This type of ultrasound is primarily used to predict premature delivery by examining the size of the cervix. Also, it is used to measure the blood flow to a fetus’s brain, heart, and other extremities such as the approximate gestational age. Abdominal ultrasound is also helpful in checking the possibility of multiple births and unusual orientation.

Abdominal ultrasound is used in acute as well as chronic abdominal pain. All the major organs like the liver, gall bladder, adrenal glands, pancreas and kidneys can be examined for signs of disease that appear as changes in size, shape, or internal structure. They are also very useful in case of an abdominal trauma. After a serious injury, internal bleeding from injured abdominal organs is the most serious threat. Ultrasound is used to pinpoint the location, cause, and severity of the injury.

Abdominal growths such as tumors, cysts, abscesses and scar tissues can be located and identified with ultrasound. It is useful in detecting liver diseases where jaundice tends to be a general symptom. Ultrasound can differentiate between many types and causes of liver malfunction and is also good at identifying obstruction of the bile ducts and cirrhosis.

Pancreatic diseases like inflammation of the pancreas and pancreatic stones, which can disrupt proper functioning, can also be detected using abdominal ultrasound. Gallstones can cause painful inflammation of the gall bladder. These can be readily identified with ultrasound.

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Benefits of 3D Ultrasound

November 03, 2015

3D ultrasound is a medical ultrasound technique used to produce still pictures of the baby in three dimensions. A 3D ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves and special imaging software to provide very clear pictures of the baby. This type of ultrasound can be done at any point in pregnancy. The 3D technology is easily available nowadays and give women a gleam of hope when they their child inside their womb.

The ultrasound scanner sends sound waves through the body which bounce back to the scanner and produce an image on the computer screen. A gel is applied before placing and moving the transducer over the skin.

There are many benefits offered by 3D ultrasounds. Let us take a look at some of these.

Better for Health Providers: A significant advantage of using this technology is that it allows the doctor to better assess an abnormality as compared to a 2D scan. In obstetric ultrasound, this technology helps doctor diagnose inborn abnormalities of a fetus. Other birth defects can also be seen with the equipment but the quality of the picture depends on the skill of the sonographer.

Better for the Parents: 3D ultrasound technology can be very encouraging for both the parents as they become excited after seeing their baby in the womb.

Better for Unwed Mothers: As this technology provides images of the baby growing inside the womb, it may dissuade an unwed mother from having an abortion.

The technology of 3D ultrasound has greatly helped doctors improve the way of check up on the health of the developing baby.

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The arteries and veins within the body carry the blood from one part of the body to another. Nutrients and other important elements necessary for the survival of the body are carried by the blood. It is therefore important for the blood vessels to remain open and allow quick flow of the blood. Vascular assessment is done by the doctors to evaluate the efficiency of the blood vessels. Vascular ultrasound is the best technology that can be used for such a practice.

Vascular ultrasound is a non-invasive procedure that uses sound waves to examine the blood vessels to discover the areas of dilatation, narrowing or blockage. The vessels of the neck, arms and legs, including both the arteries and veins, are examined most frequently. This type of ultrasound provides images of the body's veins and arteries. It may also involve a Doppler ultrasound study to evaluate blood flowing through a blood vessel.

Here are some of the common uses of vascular ultrasound:

  • To monitor the blood flow to organs and tissues in the body.
  • To locate blockages (stenosis) such as blood clots or plaque and help in their appropriate treatment.
  • To know if there is an enlarged artery (aneurysm).
  • In children, vascular ultrasound is used to place a needle or catheter into a vein or artery to avoid complications such as bleeding and nerve injury.
  • Using Doppler ultrasound study, tumors can be identified.

To perform a vascular ultrasound procedure, a clear gel is applied on the targeted area that helps the transducer make secure contact with the body. It is made sure that there are no air packets between the transducer and the skin as they may block the sound waves from passing into the body. The transducer is then placed and moved over the skin in various locations. The sound waves strike the targeted areas and then bounce back producing images on the computer screen. Doppler ultrasound is performed using the same transducer.

If you are thinking of buying ultrasound equipment for your clinic, it is better to purchase online. There are a number of online shopping stores that specialize in selling high-quality and branded ultrasound equipment at reasonable prices. Also, you can buy used ultrasound equipment if you are not planning to invest much. These online stores provide used ultrasound equipment of superior quality and good working condition at highly discounted rates.

The S2 Color Doppler portable ultrasound system is the latest introduction from Sonoscape, a leader in high quality mid-range portable ultrasound equipment. This machine challenges the portable market as it has a high-resolution and is very low-priced. The S2 supports convex, linear, trans-vaginal and volume 4D imaging transducers designed to optimize work-flow and is also very user-friendly.

The S2 color Doppler ultrasound has a 15” LCD monitor and has a long list of distinguished features. But the two exclusive features that differentiate this machine from others in its price range are Compound Imaging and Speckle Reduction Imaging. The monitor screen has a wide view angle along with standard PC keyboard and easy input. It comes with two probe sockets with probe holder for better protection of probes. The S2 contains a rechargeable lithium battery that offers 1 hour scanning without power supply.

Applications of Sonoscape S2

Vascular: It can be used to examine the blood flood in the veins and arteries of the body and detect for any blockages and narrowing of the vessels.

Gynecology: It can be used for standard pelvic examination to detect conditions like internal bleeding, pelvic inflammatory disease, abscesses and pelvic masses. The machine is also helpful in identifying infertility issues.

Abdominal and Therapeutic Applications: It helps in examining the liver, gall bladder, kidneys and adrenal glands and other nearby areas to detect abnormalities and diseases like appendicitis.

This one of the easiest Sonoscape ultrasound machine on the market as there is no need for you to remember any hidden keyboard commands. It is easier to create and save custom presets. The controls are also clearly marked making it handy for you to figure out what you need to do. The S2 is most ideal for those who have a limited budget and have some basic Doppler needs.

It is wise to buy Sonoscape S2 ultrasound equipment online. There are many online shopping portals that sell a wide variety of ultrasound equipment from word-class manufacturers at reasonable prices. Get more info here about the varieties of the products and their respective prices.

All About Sonoscape A6

November 03, 2015

The Sonoscape A6 portable ultrasound system is the best imaging black and white ultrasound machines for sale. For excellent diagnosis and easy-to-use, it is equipped with a lot ergonomic designs. Other than the special design, the Sonoscape A6 provides premium image quality which is comparable to highly efficient cart-based B/W ultrasound systems. The instrument is available with a two year warranty and is a cost-effective choice for clinicians who need a high resolution black and white portable ultrasound machine for their practice.

The new Sonoscape A6 contains 2 transducer ports, 12” adjustable anti-large LCD monitor and a 3 hours continuous scanning battery life which is optional. Other than these, it has 1GB internal storage, Digital Beam Former, 2 USB ports and provides Tissue Harmonic Imaging. The all new machine also features one-button optimization and has basic Cardiac measurement calcs included. It provides a deeper depth for scanning with a greater zoom (8X) and a higher dynamic range therefore giving more colors in grayscale to provide greater detail.

Applications of Sonoscape A6 Portable System

Liver: With the ultrasound examination, the doctor assesses the dimensions of the liver, its structure and the blood flow condition to detect defects such as liver steatosis, cirrhosis, fluid formalities and tumor mass.

Gall Bladder: The dimensions of the gall bladder, the presence of stones and other defects are being located. In most cases the ultrasonic examination detects the abnormality in the gall bladder.

Pancreatic Gland: When examining the pancreatic gland, the doctors can evaluate its dimensions, form, boundaries, homogeneity and the presence of formalities.

Kidneys: the doctor can check the arrangement and dimensions of kidneys and also the structure of parenchyma. The ultrasound examination allows detecting any abnormalities and tumor mass and can also be used to detect the indication intestinal obstruction. It can also play an important role in the treatment of surgical disorders and injuries.

Gynecology and Prenatal Diagnostics: It can be used for the examination of the state of gravid uterus and monitor the embryo-fetal development. It is widely used in tocology as the sound from the venter can be easily registered.

There are a number of online shopping stores that provide Sonoscape ultrasound equipment at reasonable price if you want to buy Sonoscape A6. Also, these stores provide used Sonoscape ultrasound machine for those who have a low budget. The ultrasound equipment provided by these shopping portals are of genuine quality and are reasonably priced.

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