WELLD, set up in 1996 is a professional manufacturer of medical ultrasound machines and systems. All the products are infused with the total know-how technologies and overall quality that benefits the users. The ultrasound machines are complete with advanced features and user-friendly applications that have been developed to simplify clinical diagnoses.

At KeeboMed Inc. we have excellent array of WELLD veterinary ultrasound products. The WED-180V is a full-digital system that is suitable to do an ultrasound examination and GA measurement of cat, dog, swine, sheep and equine. The WED-2000AV is a reliable, handheld machine that is easily handled, gives accurate imaging and has a simple interface. The WED-3000V is the latest palm-sized scanner that is distinguishable due to its color image quality.

If you have any query or questions regarding your ultrasound needs, call or contact us and we will assist you to make the right choice. KeeboMed Inc. also offers 30 days refund policy and Finance options at the time of purchase.

animal ultrasound machine
Images With High Clarity, Stability And High Resolution! The animal ultrasound machine adopts many probes for different clinic diagnosis demands. The animal u
veterinary hand held ultrasound
Smallest & Lightest Veterinary Hand Held Ultrasound Scanner In The World! The WED-2000AV veterinary hand held ultrasound is becoming increasingly popular
veterinary handheld ultrasound
Cost Effective Solution! The WED 3000V veterinary handheld ultrasound is palm sized and handheld for easy operation. This veterinary ultrasound scanner is lig
veterinary handheld ultrasound
Easy To Use GUI Menu! The digital veterinary ultrasound scanner WED-3100V combines power supply mode AC adapter and built-in Lithium-ion rechargeable battery.¬
veterinary portable ultrasound scanner
Most Recommended Veterinary Portable Ultrasound Scanner! The veterinary ultrasound scanner is recommended for bovine pregnancy, cows, pets (dogs and cats) sca
veterinary portable ultrasound machine
Best Selling & Highly Efficient Veterinary Portable Ultrasound Machine! WED-9618V is known to be one of the highly efficient veterinary portable ultrasound
pig ultrasound machine
Waterproof Pig Ultrasound Machine! WED-M1V is a veterinary handheld ultrasound. Provides clear, stable image and with high resolution. It is a water proof sca