Used SonoScape Ultrasound

Since its start in 2002, SonoScape is specialized in manufacturing high standard diagnostic ultrasound systems and transducers.  SonoScape works diligently to ensure that all of their machines offer superior imaging and is constantly trying to improve upon the already-high standards of their ultrasound machines, including the latest technologies and enhanced imaging solutions.  The company’s passion and enthusiasm for innovative new products is clearly seen in their design of new systems.

SonoScape offers reliable ultrasounds for all vets and doctors. The ultrasounds offers user-friendly features that makes the diagnosis easy and accurate.  Each of their machines is designed to be user-friendly, with an advance ergonomic design that will improve workflow.

At KeeboMed Inc. we offer used SonoScape ultrasounds at affordable prices.  These ultrasounds are in excellent condition.    If you have any questions regarding your ultrasound needs, contact us and we will be more than happy to help you to get the best deals of ultrasound systems.

SonoScape A6
  The¬†SonoScape A6 is an impressive ultrasound machine which is portable and helps in effective diagnosis. This fully-digital, black and white machine
Sonoscape S2
The FDA approved SonoScape S2 is one of the most standardized portable color Doppler ultrasound machine that is low in price and has a high-resolution with no o
Sonoscape S2V
Sonoscape's S2V is a vet color Doppler ultrasound System which was released by the company lately. It is incorporated with the newest technological features tha
SonoScape S8
Used SonoScape S8 An Ever-higher Standard of Echo HCU SonoScape S8 is the best technologically advanced equipment that is portable, affordable and of high qu
Sonoscape S8V
Sonoscape's S8V is an attempt to provide the best ultrasound solutions to veterinarians who are looking forward to upgrade their medical practices by maintainin