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Choice of used pre owned, second hand,refurbished and demo models of Ultrasound Scanners. The most of our used ultrasounds were demo models and had working 30 min-2 hours. If you are looking for affordable quality ultrasound machine- Please see our models of refurbished ultrasounds and used ultrasounds. All our Human models are FDA approved for Human use in USA. Used medical ultrasound equipment sale for all applications and all purposes. Almost all brand names included.

Deals on pre owned-Used ultrasound equipment and used ultrasound parts! Warranty from USA.  We offer 30 days for refund and Finance.


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SonoTouch 30

Equipment that has redefined the user interface for a hassle free experience, is the ultimate SonoTouch 30 Ultrasound. The confusing buttons and keyboards of ye
q8 human

Chison Q8

Chison Q8 Compact Innovative Powerful Chison Q8 is portable color Doppler ultrasound equipment which is available at KeeboMed Inc. at affordable rates. It
q6 human

Chison Q6

Compact & Affordable Portable, color Doppler ultrasound equipment, Used Chison Q6 is a compact device that is applicable for small or big clinics, and